MR. and MRS. MONCLER: renewed and meaningful collection of style
2016 Nov 10 By monclear 0 comment

Mr. and Mrs. Moncler is for the bold and innovative move to create brand ambassadors–fashion-modern “virtual couples” for the characters, into the Resident Evil Remake of the popular collection of costumes, the interpretation of Fusion Beauty hidden behind the series.

As originating from France and Italy luxury brand, moncler coats today’s au Lai Moncler to create various types of fashion products, Mr. &Mrs. Moncler is the brand new design separate the realm of symbolic move. That was a different time, social networks of communication boundaries unlimited extension, the development of digital technology are reinterpreted every. At the moment, Mr. and Mrs. Moncler appeared naturally do not have a meaning. Cartoon image and brand through a unique persona, in which clever blend of late 60 ‘s retro games on sports style with interesting elements of social media loves for thorough explanation of unique contemporary style.

Ultimately work regarded eclectic, perfect years sedimentation of classic charm and vibrant modern culture,moncler online brand was founded at the beginning of the typical classic feather coat renewed look. Mr. and Mrs. of Moncler new down series continues the retro look,moncler sale showing vitality vitality conferred by modern style and fashion attitude.

Glossy nylon feather coat, is not only the main works of this series is also a Union can be an indispensable fashion boutique like Moncler collection moncler Dark interpretation of the mellow beauty of this series, sexy wine red, Midnight blue, dark green, deep black is beautiful in England. Mr. and Mrs. Moncler for prototypes to create special series are accompanied by a special label to distinguish it from the other costumes on display in the store.

End of August 2016, Mr. and Mrs. first uncovering the veil of Moncler brand flagship store in the world, via a specially designed window displays also explain to us moving stories to the digital world.

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